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My name is Alpha Kamara going with a Musical Name of FAJ. BEE, I started doing music in 2004 in Freetown n the first studio I did my first record it's Fx studio and later signed by Libra records from 2005 to 2006  under the Uncle Joe records but I never realized an album. In 2009 I came to Makeni city with my incredible Talent and to complete my Highschool where Future Guys Entertainment signed me. Successfully I launched an Album ( African Queen) with an artist called Deno P at the B &B night Club. Africa Queen and other songs in the Album briefly hit and were amazed by many people around the Country.

However, all these past years I was developing myself in many Developmental programs, helping young people with the Restless Development SL and helping many underground artists to maximize their potential under the Sweet Music Studio and SACH Studio, presently I have my own studio called Brave sounds studios am also the engineer I now produce songs Finally, I would like to inform you all that I am preparing to come out in grand style. I already have a video out “Gee Body water” and have news songs to make a difference.

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